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Hi! I'm Tim

About me

Software developer, Learner, Problem solver, Baseball player, and Cat lover

I am passionate about creating changes through technology. Self-taught and trained in software development knowledge and skills, I help the team enhance efficiency and productivity by building several software applications.

I've been working in a startup for more than six years. I thrive in helping my team and partners achieve business goals in a fast-changing and challenging startup environment through my abilities in problem-solving and project management.

I'm from Taiwan now living in Singapore with my wife. Find more via the links below:


Projects I built. Click in and find out more!

HeyMD - markdown notebook

URL Shortener

React URL Shortener Frontend

E-commerce Website

Sales Management System

Mailchimp Booster

Team Management System

SpaceX Next Launch Countdown


Some of tech articles I wrote and shared on Medium. Clink in and find out more!

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